Tech Topic: How to Find Your System’s Serial Number

Each month we feature an informative article on the technical side of our print and apply and pre-printed labeling automation solutions. This month’s Tech Topic, covered by John Curzon, Service Technician at Panther Industries, covers the importance of locating and documenting the serial number of your Panther Industries labeling automation system(s).

John Curzon
Service Technician
Years at Panther Industries: 5
Hometown: Littleton, CO
Favorite Band/Musician: The Allman Brothers Band 

Why is it important to locate and document your Panther Industries system’s serial number?

Ultimately, it comes down to time. Or, more specifically, your uptime/downtime.

If you are ever in need of parts or support – whether for a current service need, preventative maintenance, or managing an inventory of replacement parts – you know how critical it is for your operations to maintain maximum uptime. We take pride in playing a key role in your business, so delivering complete troubleshooting, technical, or parts support as fast and efficiently as possible is important to us. By providing the serial number for your Panther Industries labeling automation system at the onset of your inquiry with us, we can immediately identify the exact system you are referencing and provide you with a solution or recommended parts quickly.

That is why one of the first questions we will ask you after you contact us by telephone or email is: “what is your system’s serial number?

Where is the serial number found on a Panther Industries labeling automation system?

This depends on the model you have. The easiest way to find the serial number for a Panther Industries labeling automation system is within the Operator Display/HMI. As a backup, the serial number may also be referenced on a label within the control box of the system.

We’ve created a handy reference to help you locate your system’s serial number within the HMI, based on the specific model(s) you have onsite. Just click on the appropriate system name below to see how you find that information.








How does providing your system’s serial number at the onset of your inquiry assist in helping you receive the service or parts you need?

Providing your Panther Industries system’s serial number at the onset of your inquiry allows us to reference your exact system configuration and determine what type of support or parts you may need to address current or preventative maintenance needs. In some cases where the serial number is not known at time of inquiry, the customer will need to contact us a subsequent time (or times) to provide us with this information. That extra time to gather the serial number can have a negative impact on your business due to unnecessary or extended downtime.

We regularly recommend to customers and end users that this type of information is shared with all key personnel responsible for the Panther Industries systems in use at their facilities. This way, those employees are aware they need to gather this information prior to reaching out to us.


Is the Panther Industries serial number different from the print engine’s serial number?

Yes. The print engine serial number in our print and apply systems – while important – is not the key information we need when contacting us for service or parts orders. We can derive the print engine serial number for your system based on the Panther Industries’ system serial number.



For any service or support-related issues related to your Panther Industries print and apply or pre-printed labeling automation systems, please contact us at or toll-free at 800-530-6018, x120. To order parts, please contact us at or toll-free at 800-530-6018, x175