Shipping + Pack Slip Labeling

Automate the pack slip and shipping label process with a solution from Panther Industries. Eliminate the labor-intensive process of an operator printing a pack list, folding it, placing it in an envelope, and then manually applying it to a package.


Adding a pack slip is another step in an automated shipping system that needs to be addressed in conjunction with your outbound shipping processes. Without an automation solution, inclusion of a pack slip requires an operator to print out the pack slip, fold it, then place it in an envelope or pouch and manually apply it to the item. This is very labor intensive, limits your throughput speed, and has a tremendous potential for errors or mislabeled items.


The shipping + pack slip labeling solution from Panther Industries automates and consolidates the process you need to include a pack slip with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Two different configurations of this solution are available.

The first approach utilizes two label applicators in tandem to apply a removable shipping label over the top of a pack slip label. The pack slip is applied first, with the slightly larger shipping label applied securely and accurately over the top of it.

The second solution – our NEXTStep – applies both the shipping label and pack slip in a single application. The longer label is printed with both the pack slip and shipping information, folded, then applied to the item.

With either solution, the recipient simply removes the shipping label to expose the pack slip.

Markets Served

e-Commerce / Retail Distribution
Warehouse / 3PL Logistics
Food & Beverage
Mail Order Pharmacy

Supported Products

Predator | Manual NEXTStep