Shipping Labeling

Whether you ship hundreds or thousands of packages per day, your operations need speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Print-and-apply solutions from Panther Industries will increase your throughput, reduce expenses, and decrease waste or loss due to human error.


Whether it is a result of non-performing equipment, the need for additional production lines, or addressing manual procedures when preparing your outbound items, your bottom line could benefit from a boost in throughput. Substandard production levels, coupled with increased demand, can put tremendous strain on your operations.


A print-and-apply labeling automation solution from Panther Industries removes unnecessary manual processes and boosts your throughput. Most commonly utilizing our ‘straight tamp’ application in both electric and pneumatic configurations, items are labeled with incredible speed.

Our incomparable all-electric Predator labeling automation system incorporates an adaptive tamp feature so that your line can run varying height items – in motion – and have labels applied consistently and accurately, every time.

Markets Served

e-Commerce / Retail Distribution
Warehouse / 3PL Logistics
Food & Beverage
Mail Order Pharmacy

Supported Products

Predator | Phantom | P5c | Shadow