Service + Parts

Whether you’re in need of technical support, general information, or spare parts, Panther Industries’ technicians are here to assist.

Before You Call or Email, Have Your System’s Serial Number Ready

By providing the serial number for your Panther Industries labeling automation system at the onset of your inquiry with us, we can immediately identify the exact system you are referencing and provide you with a solution or recommended parts quickly.

For information on how to find your system’s serial number – and have that information ready for your call or email to us – please click the button below:

How to Find Your System Serial Number


If you are in need of technical support, or have general service questions/inquiries, please contact us:

303-703-9876 x120
800-530-6018 x120


For spare parts – quotes, to place an order, or check the status of an open order – please contact us:

303-703-9876 x175
800-530-6018 x175

Labels and Ribbon

For any inquiries to purchase labels and/or ribbon stock directly from us, please contact our Labels and Ribbon department:

303-703-9876 x130
800-530-6018 x130


For any questions regarding the billing of a previous service or spare parts order, please contact our accounting department:

303-703-9876 x136
800-530-6018 x136