Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Labeling

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is an industry-led effort to enhance traceability throughout the entire produce supply chain. Panther Industries offers applicators specifically designed around the need to apply a label to fragile items, improving your labeling processes, and ensuring your products always ship in the finest condition possible.


Labeling produce to maintain the finest condition possible presents several unique challenges. The variety of shapes and surfaces, coupled with the lack of resiliency in the item, can cause the labeling application process to bruise or completely damage the item, rendering it unappealing or completely unusable. And manual application of produce labeling means slower production and output, along with increased costs due to labor.


Panther Industries has developed two specific applicators to support product manufacturers’ need to apply a label to fragile produce. These applicators are designed to improve your labeling process and ensure your products always ship in the finest condition possible.

The first is our blow-on applicator, which blows and adheres the label onto the product with a strong burst of pressurized air. Nothing touches the product (except the label itself).

Our second option is a passive wipe-on system, where the label is fed onto a spring loaded head. The label is then applied to the item with minimal force from the spring.

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