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Summer 2020 Internship

Panther Industries is pleased to introduce two students participating in our summer 2020 internship program.

Henry (above, left), is a returning intern with Panther Industries. He will be a senior at STEM School Highlands Ranch this fall, focusing his studies on a future career in mechatronics. Henry’s responsibilities will support coding, development, and feature enhancements to our own proprietary internal production and fulfillment software that was implemented this year.

Titus (above, right), joins our internship program as part of our engineering department. Heading into his senior year at Colorado School of Mines, he will continue his studies that support a major …

Tech Topic: Air Assist

Each month we feature an informative article on the technical side of our print and apply and pre-printed labeling automation solutions. This month’s Tech Topic, covered by James Mariscal, Senior Service Technician at Panther Industries, focuses on the air assist function of our systems. The air assist ensures labels feed flat across the tamp head so they are correctly held and staged prior to application to an item.

James Mariscal
Senior Service Technician
Years at Panther Industries: 5
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Favorite Travel Destination: New Zealand

What is an air assist?
Generally speaking, the air assist component helps a label stay flat as it feeds across …

Cycle Time for Print and Apply Labeling Automation

When considering print-and-apply label automation systems for a top-applied label in shipping or e-Commerce operations, speed is obviously a critical component. Manufacturers of these systems are often asked to qualify their “cycle time” – the process by which the system prints a label, stages it for application, applies it to an item, and then returns to repeat the process, ad infinitum.
But how is the manufacturer’s system cycle time being qualified, or how is its speed being promoted?
In direct relation to this, how will the label be applied to your items? There are two common methods of label application during …

COVID-19 Statement from Panther Industries

Official Panther Industries Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

The safety and health of our customers and employees is of paramount importance to us. The issues pertaining to the worldwide coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continue to develop, and Panther Industries is closely monitoring to the situation on a daily basis.

Panther Industries is considered an essential supplier to several industries that are vital to our economy. Our labeling automation solutions are utilized by multiple industries – medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers / distributors, retail distributors, the food and beverage industry, and direct-to-consumer distribution centers.

We want our customers to know that we are taking proactive measures …

Business View Magazine Profile on Panther Industries

Business View Magazine profiles Panther Industries, a manufacturer of automated labeling equipment, located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Original article may be viewed here:


Panther Industries, based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a manufacturer of automated labeling equipment. According to Christian Dow, company Vice President, Panther’s founder, James Thompson, became acquainted with print-and-apply labeling at a meatpacking plant in which he once worked. While there, he improved upon a simple version of the plant’s labeling equipment by replacing a relay-logic system with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), a digital computer that enhanced and sped up the electromechanical labeling process.

“This was one …