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The Panther Phantom

Built on the foundations of our iconic P2000 and P8 systems, the Panther Phantom is the evolution of label automation uptime. Featuring numerous applicator options, this system can be custom-configured to address your company’s requirements to achieve maximum throughput.

The Phantom is designed to run and run, so you won’t even know it’s there.

Key Features

  • Built-in Ethernet I/P or Modbus TCP protocols for direct communication with remote host
  • Dual automation options (full or semi)
  • Zero waste pneumatics – only uses air during operation
  • Label application distances up to 24”
  • Remote mounted 7” touch screen display
  • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement
  • Error reporting for fast, efficient troubleshooting.





Pneumatic Labeling Automation System

The Phantom accommodates a 14” roll and includes a low label sensor.

Remote-mounted 7” touch screen display allows for flexible placement options.

Zero waste pneumatics – only uses air during operation.

360º Product View


    Click and drag to rotate the Phantom for a 360º view

    Applicator Options

    The applicators shown below illustrate the standard configurations available for the Panther Phantom. For more information about our applicators, or to view sample videos or other labeling automation applicator options, visit our configurations page.

    Brush or wrap options that directly applies a pre-printed label to a product or carton.

    A straight tamp, linear applicator for top and side label applications.

    Blow / Tamp Blow
    For delicate applications where direct contact of the product is not ideal (e.g., food or light objects).

    Front/Rear Swing
    For front or back label applications, also configurable for top-apply labeling.

    Corner Wrap (Active or Passive)
    Application around a corner when the label needs to be viewed on more than one side.

    Wipe (Active or Passive)
    For extreme, fast-paced label applications.

    Perfect for labeling tools, tubing, pipes, cables, or medical equipment.

    Swing Arm
    Applies labels to a front or side location (or separately to both front and side), around a corner, or around a cylindrical/non-flat object.

    Integrated Table
    A semi-automated process where items are labeled individually.

    Panther Industries has the expertise to design custom applicator options that do not fit into our standard configurations.

    Features + Specifications



    • 52 I/O point PLC – w/ expandable slices
    • Quick change electrical connections with no hardwiring
    • Built-in Ethernet I/P or Modbus TCP protocols for direct communication with remote host
    • Lighted indicators for immediate feedback
    • Error log for efficient troubleshooting
    • Position sensor ensures applicator is home prior to printing a label
    • EPC Gen 2 RFID (available with RFID print engine upgrade
    • Low label sensor
    • Low ribbon detection

    Additional Features

    • Zero waste pneumatics – only uses air during operation
    • Auto tamp sensor on all straight tamp applicators (detects contact with a product for a softer, more responsive application)
    • Remote mounted 7” touch screen display
    • Product detect photo eye
    • Reliable waste takeup system with quick-change “O” ring belt drive
    • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement
    • Printer interface via HMI
    • Simple and efficient label and ribbon loading
    • Easy access to air solenoids
    • LED indicators on all devices
    • Adjustable T-base stand
    • Multiple mounting options
    • One-year warranty

    Customized Options

    • 80/20 overhead mounting bracket
    • 12 – 24 inch stand height extension
    • EPC Gen 2 (900MHz) compliant RFID capability
    • Ethernet hub/switch for single point RJ-45 connection



    29.6″ (w) x 26.5″ (h) x 24.9″ (d)


    Main Plate: 1/2″ aircraft aluminum
    Fasteners: Nickel-plated and corrosion-resistant
    Eurofast sensor connections


    Input: 115VAC @ 5.0 amps 50/60Hz single phase
    Output: 24VDC @ 2.0 amps
    Includes 10′ power cord


    60 PSI @ 3 CFM (working) / 0 CFM (idle)
    OSHA approved lockable shutoff
    Filter and regulator included
    Push-to-fit connectors throughout
    High flow, low pressure pneumatics for safety
    Easy, external access to solenoids and filter/regulator

    Print Engine

    Print Engines: Zebra, SATO, or Honeywell
    Print Method: Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal
    Print Width: 6.6″ maximum | 0.5″ minimum
    Print Length: 14″ maximum
    Print Resolution: 203, 300, or 600* DPI
    Media Supply: 14″ OD on 3″ core
    Communication: Serial, Parallel, E-Net, Wireless E-Net, USB

    * 600 DPI not available for all print engine manufacturers


    Placement Accuracy
    Within 0.125″ w/ consistent product
    Within 0.0625″ w/ stationary product

    Maximum Reach
    Up to 58″ (tamp system)
    Up to 18″ (swing arm system)

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