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Panther Analytics

Panther Analytics is the innovative new system add-on for all Panther Industries Predator and Phantom print-and-apply labeling automation products that allows the end user to virtually monitor their print and apply environment and proactively manage both system and employee performance.

Key Features

  • Email notifications – based on the user’s defined schedule – direct to your inbox for maintenance alerts.
  • Built-in API for efficient integration with outside applications (with access to more than 100 applicator and print engine data points).
  • Export system performance reports for viewing in Excel or SQL databases.
  • Click-to-request spare parts for your specific system.
  • Click-to-access online Panther Industries product documentation library (e.g., system & printer manuals, component drawings, and supporting vendor information).

Panther Analytics supports Panther Industries’ drive for continuous innovation to improve our customers’ distribution and fulfillment operations.

Real-time, virtual access to system status, product settings, and key performance statistics for our Predator and Phantom print and apply systems.

The Evolution of Uptime Management

Panther Analytics allows end users to oversee their specific Panther labeling automation systems with a level of foresight not offered in other print and apply systems.

Panther Analytics offers real-time access to system status, product settings, and key performance statistics – both in traditional reporting formats and visual dashboards. With the myriad of data provided, end users will be able to effectively monitor their print-and-apply system’s applicator usage, product maintenance, and service response times.

Accessibility to Panther Analytics can occur from anywhere within an end user’s own internal network, on any device – including iOS, Windows, or Linux platforms.

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