Mail Order Pharmacy Labeling

Mail Order pharmacies need a fast and efficient way to apply their labels to prescription bottles. Using operators, or even a series of operators, to print and hand apply labels is very inefficient that can lead to errors and waste. Our labeling automation solutions provide fast, consistent, and efficient label application to a bottle.


The mail order pharmacy industry ships millions of prescription bottles each year. Given the tremendous volume, companies are faced with many challenges associated with labeling prescription bottles. Speed and accuracy are critical components of an operation, yet the typical process requires an operator to manually process and apply a label to a bottle. This can lead to slower fulfillment times and higher operating expenses due to the large number of trained operators applying the label by hand.

In addition, additional patient information and prescription instructions may be needed on a bottle – and doing so without covering up the primary label.


Panther Industries features innovative and cutting-edge systems that provide labeling automation solutions for the mail order pharmacy industry. Whether that is the primary label that wraps around the entire bottle, or a secondary label that provides additional patient and prescription information, our systems provide increased efficiency and reduced waste or loss due to human error during the application process.

Our PharmaWrap labeling automation solution wraps a primary label around the curved surface of the bottle, consistently and accurately every time.

Our PharmaFold solution applies a secondary label that “flags” from the side of a bottle without covering the primary label. This additional label can provide patient information, or additional instructions related to the prescription.

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