License Plate Number (LPN) Labeling

A unique, sequential informational label used in a warehouse management system to assist in tracking containers, items, pallets, or cases within your warehouse environment.


Warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment operations rely on a license plate number (LPN) barcode during picking, packing, and shipping processes to identify individual orders. The LPN label designates the item or carton with a unique code to assist in tracking and traceability within the warehouse and supply chain. Incorrectly applied LPNs, or mislabeled items, can cause your operations unwanted inefficiencies or costly errors.

Additionally, in traditional applications, this type of label media requires the customer to purchase pre-printed sequential numbers from a supplier. This can be expensive and extremely wasteful when applied incorrectly or inconsistently.


Panther Industries provides reliable and cost-effective print-and-apply labeling automation solutions to assist your LPN requirements. Unlike other systems, we utilize blank label stock, with sequential numbers printed incrementally as you need them. This eliminates the need for purchasing expensive pre-printed labels and guarantees your numbers are not duplicated or out of sequence.

Both our pneumatic and all-electric applicators can be configured in a variety of ways to best serve your unique situation and size requirements, providing consistent and accurate placement of the LPN to your pallets, cartons, or items.

Markets Served

e-Commerce / Retail Distribution
Warehouse / 3PL Logistics
Mail Order Pharmacy

Supported Products

Predator | Phantom | P5c


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