Label Stock Acceptance Form

Please read our Guidelines for Label Automation prior to completion and submission of this form.


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Product(s) Ordered

Requested Ship Date

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System Performance
To ensure optimum performance of all Panther Industries labeling automation solutions, we conduct label sample testing on all assembled equipment prior to crating and shipment. To that end, we require acknowledgement the labels being tested adhere to our Guidelines for Label Automation and are provided within a specific timeframe in advance of customer’s requested ship date.

Customer Provided Labels
Customer acknowledges that they will provide their label stock at a minimum of 10 business days prior to requested ship date. Customer-provided labels are required to be the actual stock used for their label automation processes, at a minimum quantity of 500 labels per machine ordered. Custom applications may require additional label quantities.

Labels Purchased from Panther Industries
Customer acknowledges they will purchase a quantity of label stock from Panther Industries for performance testing so it is available a minimum of 10 business days prior to requested ship date. Use of label stock other than this purchased stock will release Panther Industries from any future liability or performance-related issues as a result of different label stock used for customer’s label automation processes. Panther Industries utilizes standard and readily available label stock for testing purposes. Custom label stock may delay customer’s shipment date.

Comparable Labels 
Customer opts not to provide or purchase label stock. Panther Industries will select a comparable label stock for performance testing. Use of comparable stock for testing releases Panther Industries from any future liability or performance-related issues as a result of a different label stock used for customer’s label automation processes. Panther Industries utilizes standard and readily available label stock for testing purposes. Custom label stock may delay customer’s shipment date.

Based on the above information, please indicate your preference for providing label stock to Panther Industries for performance testing:

By signing below, customer acknowledges and accepts the information, label supply requirements, and specifications indicated above. Label stock samples not provided in the stated timeframe above may delay requested ship date. Customer acknowledges and accepts that use of label stock other than what is used for label sample testing on customer’s specific equipment will release Panther Industries from future liability or performance-related issues as a result of different label stock used for customer’s label automation processes.


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