Flag Labeling

Manufacturers of cables, cords, hoses, hardware, tools, and medical devices all need a fast and efficient way to apply labels to their products. A flag labeling solution from Panther Industries will increase the consistency and quality of the label applications, resulting in a more appealing product and greater output capacity for your operations.


Application of a label to a wire, cable, hose, tube, or medical device can be a daunting task for a company trying to meet production goals. Typically, the label application is a manual process that is performed by an operator. It’s time consuming, inconsistent, and can severely affect your output.


Designed specifically with cable, cord, tool, and medical device manufacturers in mind, Panther Industries features flag labeling solutions that drastically improve the speed, consistency, and quality of your label application processes. The end result is a more appealing product, while at the same time eliminating errors that are a result of manual application of a label.

From finer items like welding wire to larger items such as hoses/tubing, a Panther Industries flag labeling system will apply your labels fast, efficiently, and accurately.

Markets Served

Consumer Products
Manufacturer and Aftermarket Parts (cables, hoses, tools, hardware, wires)
Medical Devices
Mail Order Pharmacy

Supported Products

Phantom | FLEX