Cross-Dock Labeling

Delivering products from a manufacturing plant directly to customers with little or no material handling in between can present logistical challenges. This type of process requires a labeling automation solution that ensures maximum throughput with minimal errors and/or waste, and Panther Industries provides that exact solution for your business operations.


Distribution warehouse operations that utilize a cross-dock process need to minimize onsite storage time and maximize throughput of items – from receiving to repackaging to outbound shipping. Best practices demand these warehouse, fulfillment, and distribution centers utilize automation with an emphasis on speed and accuracy. Any operational latency or manual processes slow down production and create unnecessary storage and/or delayed customer delivery times.


By utilizing Panther Industries print-and-apply labeling systems in cross-dock and outbound shipping operations, warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment centers are able to improve their overall efficiency and throughput. Our label applicators are configured to provide speed, consistency, and accuracy.

Systems are available in both pneumatic and all-electric configurations. Integrating our all-electric Predator labeling automation system takes advantage of an adaptive tamp feature that allows your line to run varying height items – in motion – at a high rate of speed and have labels applied consistently and accurately, every time.

Markets Served

e-Commerce / Retail Distribution
Warehouse / 3PL Logistics
Mail Order Pharmacy

Supported Products

Predator | Phantom | P5c | Shadow