Best practices for pork, beef, and poultry processing plants demand operations that accommodate weighing and labeling 25-35 cases per minute, per line.


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Better Plant Automation Begins Here

Prior to palletization, weighing and labeling cases in your processing plant demands operational efficiencies that supports these best practices:

  • Identify and weigh incoming mixed or batched products
  • Label the products for both identification and outbound shipment
  • Automatically scan the two labels to verify the information is properly associated with each other prior to the items being palletized
  • Achieve throughput of 25-35 cases per minute per line, and
  • Accomplish all of the above in the existing/limited footprint you have in your current facility.

If your beef, pork, or poultry processing plant is not achieving this level of throughput or efficiency in your weighing and labeling processes, you’re losing money.


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An integrated weighing and labeling automation solution from Carlisle Technology and Panther Industries will increase your throughput and reduce your expenses and waste.



Manual Processes Cost You Money

Any manual processes that occur during the pre-palletization of your mixed or batched items will negatively impact your plant’s output capacity, increase the risk of mislabeling, and/or have the items incorrectly shipped or sent to the wrong location. All of which can lead to fines from customers or even result in product recalls.


Couple that with the fact that the meat and poultry industry experiences employee turnover at an exceptionally high rate – especially for plant floor equipment operators. This means your operational costs are probably even higher than necessary due to the constant cycle of recruitment, onboarding, and training.


These operational issues are significant and are all contributing factors to your plant’s cost of production, which can translate to lower-than-expected company revenue.

Automation Saves You Money

Integrating automation into your processing plant is not as complicated or expensive as you may realize. Especially when the trade-off is realizing higher throughput and achieving a better bottom line. Here’s why:


Increased Production and Throughput

As sales volume increases, your processes need to handle the increased demand without incurring significant operational expense. An automation solution will help your plant process 60% more pre-palletized items than what manual processes can achieve.


Reduced Operational Impact from Employee Turnover

Automation within your plant not only minimizes the number of operators required to run a line, but it insulates you from the constant cycle of hiring and training due to employee turnover. Plus, these systems don’t call in sick or take vacation.


Reduced Human-Related Errors and Improved Accuracy for Labeling

Automated labeling processes virtually eliminates mislabeling from each stage of the pre-palletization process. Labels are applied consistently and uniformly each time, ensuring accuracy to eliminate errors.


Effective Use of Plant Floor Space

Automation systems are configured to work within your existing footprint, possibly reducing the amount of space needed for similar tasks. These systems are even capable of allowing mixed products from multiple conveyors to be condensed into a single weighing and labeling line, further saving space and providing greater efficiency.


Key Components for Automated
Case Weighing and Labeling

Comprised of both software and hardware systems, our powerful, purpose-driven automation solutions are integrated into your existing operations and plant footprint to drive greater efficiencies and throughput. Here’s how:

Carlisle Technology’s iCap M5 Software

Carlisle Technology’s proprietary iCap M5 software is a software application developed to support operator-free weighing and labeling processes. As a thick client application, iCap M5 reduces the risks associated with a processing plant’s network infrastructure by allowing full production, even while offline. It also boasts advanced features, such as: inbound product identification used to identify mixed product prior to weighing, outbound label verification, reject management, and product sortation.

Carlisle Technology’s Conveyor Scales

Carlisle Technology manufactures top-of-the-line scales available for high-speed, in-motion conveyor-type applications. Our NTEP and Canadian Weights and Measures-approved conveyor scales are accurate, reliable, and designed specifically to operate within harsh, wash down environments. With a single load cell design that is sealed to repel water, the heavy stainless steel construction is durable and allows for easy cleaning.

Panther Industries’ Labeling Automation Systems

Panther Industries’ print-and-apply labeling automations systems are a key component in the weighing and labeling process. Available in all-electric or pneumatic options – combined with a straight tamp, swing arm, or blow on applicator – these labeling systems are fast, accurate, and efficient. An aircraft-grade aluminum main plate, quality machined components, and non-corrosive fasteners ensure this labeling system will thrive in your plant’s harsh environment.


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